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Litigation Counsel

Talisha Griffin, Esq.

Talisha Griffin is a powerhouse attorney who is committed to fighting for the people and changing our criminal justice system. Her style at the podium can be described as subtle and fierce. With a dedication to public service, Talisha fights every day to ensure the law is applied equally and fairly to everyone—to ensure selective blindness has no place in the law. As a bi-racial, woman lawyer Talisha brings a unique perspective to the table and works to highlight and erase racial barriers that exist within the justice system. She believes economic justice and a holistic rehabilitative punishment model is the key to dismantling mass incarceration and reducing recidivism. Talisha believes that despite our propensity to make mistakes, there exists the opportunity to learn and grow, and no one should be completely stripped of that opportunity and their freedom for a mistake—especially one involving drugs.